Webishops get encouraging feedback

The response from participants to the first three webishops in a series of webishops HPF is offering throughout the year to discuss topical issues in health promotion has been encouraging!

The webishops, ‘Every day is Waitangi day’, ‘No Health without Planetary Health’ and ‘Diabetes: Social Malady with Social Responsibility’ were topical, eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Questions came thick and fast and the feedback from participants, many of whom said they loved the inclusion and style of the workshops, was that they couldn’t wait for the next webishop.

Comments ranged from “thank you for your kōrero.  Lots of great learnings …” to “really fascinating and important discussion.”

Sasha Stevenson, Health Promoter – Toitū Te Whenua said the diabetes webishop exceeded her expectations. “It was heartbreaking to hear the extent of Type 2 Diabetes and renal complications in the Tongan and Pacific Island people. It was an eye-opener to me …

“I think that we could really benefit by some key community leaders from the Māori and Pasifika groups/church leaders, iwi leaders etc who can come and guide us health promoters on how to engage their specific communities so that we can work together to achieve better outcomes. As the doctors said in their webishop, whatever we have been doing has not been effective so we have to try new ways of working.”

Of the Māori webishop, Geneva Adams, a student at Te Wananga o Aotearoa, said many Māori and non- Māori will find the decolonising way of thinking challenging — looking through a Maori worldview lens or another lens.

Dr Grace Wong, a part-time senior lecturer at AUT said the mainstream webishop was wonderful and Trevor (Guest speaker, Dr Trevor Hancock) was an excellent speaker. “You can ask him anything! Thank you HPF!).

The themes for the webishop series 2021 are: Planetary Health – the health of human civilisation and the crisis state of the natural systems on which it depends; Inequities, Colonisation, Racism and Te Tiriti and the Determinants of Health.

Information about the Pacific webishop on May 5 will be coming out shortly. Don’t miss out!

Meanwhile, check out our YouTube channel for No Health without Planetary Health’ and ‘Diabetes: Social Malady with Social Responsibility’ which are now available for viewing. DON’T