Webinars now up on YouTube

HPF has posted the latest in a series of webinars, to inform and provide guidance for your organisations and the community during these challenging times, to our YouTube channel. The first in the series of popular webinars was HPF’s Deputy Executive Director and Maori Strategist Trevor Simpson’s presentation on ‘Te WhareTapa Wha, Covid19 and Māori Health Promotion’. Mr Simpson who provided a contemporary and historical perspective on the current situation looked at Te Whare Tapa Wha as a model and explored how health promotion can take a lead, offer solutions and look to the future in a changed world beyond Covid19. Covid-19 also reminds us that the family should be the first fortress of wellbeing and best line of defence against any life challenge, including health challenges such as Covid-19. HPF’s Executive Director Sione Tu’itahi’s webinar shows how the Ottawa Charter can be adapted as a tool for building whanau and family strengths and resilience to address challenges, internal and external. Entitled ‘Health promoting ways of building family and whanau capacity against Covid-19, and beyond’ the webinar is for health promoters, Whanau Ora navigators, community workers, and other health workers. Also available for viewing are two great home-made videos produced by HPF’s Dr Viliami Puloka during the first two weeks of lockdown to focus on safety and wellbeing. Entitled ‘Lessons from the Garden’ and ‘Food for Thought’ these insightful and reflective videos give a unique and positive perspective on the benefits of the restrictions imposed during alert level 4. Go to our YouTube channel and please don’t forget to press the subscribe button.