Tips and tools to boost health and wellbeing

The re-emergence of Covid-19 in the community and the subsequent lockdowns have again put Kiwis under immense pressure!

Job and financial uncertainties, worries about you or your loved ones catching the virus, children unable to go to school and concerns about the future can lead to overwhelming stress and anxiety.

So, taking extra care of your health and mental wellbeing is crucial and HPF, as does many of our members, provides tools, resources, and information to help you cope and get through these uncertain times.

HPF has developed a handy resource to help build your whanau and family capacity, and maintain your wellbeing. ‘A Health Promotion tool for empowering whanau and families against Covid-19’ is available on our website.


We also have some informative webinars, such as ‘Health promoting ways of building family and whanau capacity against Covid-19, and beyond’, ‘Te Whare Tapa Wha, Covid19 and Māori Health Promotion’ (and many more) which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.


“Families are a powerful front in defending health challenges and promoting wellbeing,” says HPF Executive Director Sione Tu’itahi. “By staying home and saving lives, families are the first line of defence at the community level.


“Our tools focus on building family skills to not only fight against Covid-19, but also to maintain family competence to be in charge of the holistic wellbeing, post-Covid 19,” he added.


Many of our members have a website page dedicated to ‘Covid-19. Hapai Te Hauora has a ‘Covid-19 Information Hub’ on its website which includes Covid-19 daily updates, links to booking vaccinations and colourful and descriptive Covid-19 resources.


The Mental Health Foundation also has some great wellbeing tips, based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing and Te Whare Tapa Wha.


Accessing the correct information about Covid and vaccinations, what you can and can’t do under the alert levels and so on is also vital, especially as a lot of misinformation can be spread on social media.


The Asian Network Incorporated provides relevant information, including links to detailed information about living at Alert Level 4 in a number of languages.


Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki has a dedicated Covid-19 page with all the latest updates and information.

The Fono has a slideshow running across its home page with Covid info such as where to get your vaccinations, a phone number to call for support and much more.

(Banner photo by Jacek Pobłocki on Unsplash)