Short course empowers and enlightens students

Students who wrapped up the short course in health promotion in May this year described the course as stimulating, empowering, eye-opening and enlightening!!

HPF’s Executive Director, Sione Tu’itahi takes a session.

The students, who came from around the country to complete Block Two of the Certificate of Achievement in Introducing Health Promotion (CoA), said they couldn’t wait to take back what they had learned to the field.

“I left Auckland empowered with new tools for my Kete as a health promoter,” said Sharon Malietoa, a health promoter at Screen South Ltd in Christchurch.

“The course has helped me shape the way I now see my role as a health promoter and not just a person who hands out information and provides education.”

Sharon said it also taught her how to advocate more for “women, aiga and a community in different ways in my line of work, as well as practical ways on how to use the Ottawa Charter when aligned with Te Tiriti o Waitangi which I believe, is important for the future and knowledge of health promoters after me”. 

“I left with a foundation of how to alleviate health issues in our Pasifika communities and to find ways to purposely serve our people, to see them make changes to lifestyles in which they have become accustomed to in this Western world,” said Sharon.

Rachael Duncan, Health and Safety Administrator at Korowai Hauora o Hauraki said the course helped her understand you need to look past the individual and more at their environment to fully grasp what is going on for them.

Sharon Malietoa and Sunila Mani do a presentation

“Using the Ottawa Charters strategies and action strands to help these individuals navigate their way to better health not just for them, but their whanau and communities, has been a real eye-opener. I look forward to working alongside our team to not only educate but to promote and prevent poor health within our community.

“My favourite part was learning and understanding the Ottawa Charter and how it is used as a health promoter. Te Tiriti o Waitangi was also another highlight,” said Rachael.


Jayda Beazley from Te Ahurei A Rangatahi in  Hamilton said it was so interesting to learn about the different aspects of the Ottawa Charter and the huge impact that Te Tiriti has had on health promotion.

Isaac Whare Phillips from Korowai Hauora o Hauraki said he was excited upon completing the course and although there was a lot to take in, he would be going away and digesting all he had learned. “There is so much more to health promotion then I realised!”


Students agreed that they were more determined than ever to go back out into the field to enable, mediate and advocate for their communities.

Rachael Duncan and Connie Wright

“Being able to advocate, enable and mediate for my Pasifika people as I work alongside them, longevity and long life will be the new normal for my Pasifika people …” 

The Certificate of Achievement in Health Promotion short course, is jointly offered by Manukau Institute of Technology and HPF.