Rotorua mayor keen to explore healthy city initiative

The Mayor of Rotorua has agreed to explore further the idea of Rotorua becoming a healthy city.

From left: IUHPE2019 co-chair and executive director of the Health
Promotion Forum (HPF), Sione Tu’itahi, Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick, Dr Faten ben
Abdelaziz, coordinator of Health Promotion with WHO and Dr Viliami Puloka of HPF.

Steve Chadwick told delegates at the closing of the 23 rd International Union of Health Promotion and Education’s conference that she was looking forward to seeing what was involved in the process of becoming a healthy city.

Ms Chadwick was handed the Shanghai Consensus on Healthy Cities by Dr Faten ben Abdelaziz, the coordinator of Health Promotion with the World Health Organisation. (WHO).
Ms Chadwick said as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact – Cities Programme, which is a worldwide initiative aimed at creating sustainable societies, Rotorua was keen to see what the journey to becoming a healthy city would entail.

She thanked the conference for the Rotorua – Waiora: Promoting planetary health and sustainable development and Indigenous legacy documents.
“We’re looking forward to seeing what is in the legacy statements,” she said.
Executive Director of the Health Promotion Forum (HPF), co-host of the conference, Sione Tu’itahi thanked the mayor for her support and for welcoming delegates to the city.

HPF’s Dr Viliami Puloka thanked everyone on behalf of participants who came from all over the Pacific and presented a mural which was painted by young artists from the Solomons and New Caledonia to the people of Rotorua.

The artists who painted the mural just outside the Energy Events Centre are under the Pacific Community’s (SPC) WAKE UP! Project aimed at encouraging young Pacific Islanders to get involved in efforts to control non-communicable diseases.
“Our hearts are filled with aroha as we present this artwork to the people of
Rotorua,” said Dr Puloka.