Health promoting hospitals

J.M. Pelikan. 2007. Health Promoting Hospitals – Assessing developments in the network This overview of WHO health promoting hospitals in Austria identifies milestones within the Health Promoting Hospitals network, and an assessment of its developments. Lee, C.B.; Chen, M.S.; Powell, M.J. & C.Chu. 2013. Organisational Change to Health Promoting Hospitals: A Review of the Literature. This article clarifies the concept of Health Promoting Hospitals and identifies their development.  It emphasises the need for organisational capacity-building if hospitals are undertaking a health promoting hospitals approach.

Health promoting prisons

Woodall, J. Dixey, R. & J. South. 2013. Control and choice in English prisons: developing health-promoting prison. According to this paper if a settings approach in prison is truly to move forward, both conceptually and practically, then health promoters should seek to embed the key values of health promotion within the prison setting. The authors drew this conclusion through a series of interviews with prisoners and staff to explore elements of health promotion such as choice, control and empowerment in the prison context.

Health promoting universities

G. Barton. 2014. Health Promotion Settings – an Opportunity to Improve Health. This paper introduces the health promoting settings concept and provides a case study of the Robert Gordon University (RGU) Scotland, UK: identifying both the challenges and opportunities of developing a University as a health promoting setting.