Reinventing health promotion for the current era

The possibility of a new type of health promotion centred on community, will be discussed at a webinar from 11am – 12.30pm on the 14th of next month. This approach aims to enhance health and wellbeing for everyone in today’s challenging environment of Covid-19, climate change, globalisation, social and political stress, increasing inequality, racism and growing tyranny and division around the world. The webinar will in particular present the view that modern health promotion should draw strongly on Maori and Pacific-cooperative approaches to community. ‘Global village, global villages: Reinventing health promotion for the current era’ will be facilitated by John Raeburn, (pictured) Adjunct Professor at AUT, and HPF Executive Director, Sione Tu’itahi.

Prof John Raeburn

Prof Raeburn who helped set up HPF has been a pioneer and innovator in health promotion, mental health promotion and public health for almost 50 years. He participated in the Ottawa and Bangkok Charter processes, teaching people-centred approaches to health promotion, and engaging in multiple empowering community projects, which have been his passion.

Register now and don’t miss out on the chance to participate in this informative and interactive webinar.

Webinar format:

  1. Presentation by John for 40 minutes (This will be a talk with a power-point presentation)
  2. Master Class session for 30 minutes. (Four participants will be selected before the webinar, to each ask a question of their own and Prof Raeburn will respond and discuss each question while participants watch and listen in.
  3. Plenary discussion for 30 mins. (Prof Raeburn  will answer and discuss questions from participants.
  4. Closing by webinar facilitator – HPF Executive Director Sione Tu’itahi.

Registration costs:

$29.00 incl GST Members $49.00 incl GST Non-members. View here. Group bookings:
  • up to 5 for $99 members (Approx 30% discount for 5 people), and
  • $199 for non members (Approx 20% discount for 5 people).

There are three phases of learning activities – before, during and after the webinar. These include:

  • pre-event study and preparation, using resources sent three days prior
  • participation in the actual webinar with questions and answers as well as discussion
  • after the webinar, participants receive a copy of the powerpoint presentation and other resources used, as well as exclusive viewing of the webinar (with your co-workers) for two weeks in our private YouTube channel, before the video is put into our public HPF channel
  • ask follow-up questions to the presenter and/or facilitator during the two weeks after the webinar