Pacific workshop reignites enthusiasm

Participants emerged from the Pacific Health Promotion workshop at EastBay REAP, Whakatane last month with a renewed sense of vigour.

Feedback from the workshop revealed those who attended the workshop felt it had reinforced their knowledge and inspired them to go back and work in their communities with more confidence and enthusiasm.

One participant said the course had “reinforced the concept of being an agent of change as opposed to telling people what to do,” while another said it “gave a very good understanding of how to work with Pacific people”.

“The Pacific angle from a Pacific presenter was great”.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Viliami Puloka HPF’s Senior Health Promotion Strategist specialising in Pacific Health Promotion.

Also acknowledged was how interactive the workshop was with a role play and personal reflections and how it covered a lot of health promotion grounds in theory and practice.

Keep your eyes peeled for the date and venue of the next workshop which will be advertised in our monthly notice and website

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The Pacific Health Promotion – Social Determinants from a Pacific Perspective traces the history of ‘Pacific health promotion’ in Aotearoa New Zealand and discusses how determinants of health can be addressed to produce health equity, wellbeing and success for Pacific peoples.

The aim is to equip senior Pasifika health promoters and community leaders with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to address the onslaught of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and work with the strengths, potentials and aspirations of Pasifika families and communities to advance spiritually, socially, economically and culturally.

Participants at the Pacific Health Promotion workshop in Whakatane on June 28.