Values and ethics guide health promotion action and practice. They provide a foundation by which to decide what is legitimate, expected and acceptable practice. This draft statement is based on Ngā Tikanga Manaki – Values and Ethics section in the 2000 report, Ngā Kaiakatanga Hauora mo Aotearoa Health Promotion Competencies for Aotearoa-New Zealand, the statement of values from the 2008 revisions to the Health Promotion Forum’s Constitution, and other work (including the 2007 Symposium, workshops and Keeping Up to Dates) that HPF has been doing around the ethics of health promotion, and is informed by similar developments internationally and the work of the Public Health Association on developing a code of ethics for the whole public health sector in Aotearoa-New Zealand. Draft Statement of Ethical Health Promotion Practice We invite your comments on this proposed statement – simply email your ideas to Maori Workforce Development hui, Otautahi Christchurch, May