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New Bachelor in Health Promotion

student   UNITEC has this year launched a new Bachelor of Health and Social Development with a major in health promotion.  Offered at its Waitakere campus, the course will begin in February or July, and can be full-time (for three years) or part-time. Offering a pathway into a wide variety of health and social development roles, the curriculum identifies ways in which to empower communities to take control of their own wellbeing.  Students develop an understanding of the strategic organisation of health promotion and the use of evidence based research. Lian Wu – who previously worked at the University of Auckland Medical and Health Sciences School – will be the Major Leader for the course. The Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand (HPF) offers a range of training courses, including the Certificate of Achievement in Introducing Health Promotion.

For further information: call 0800 10 95 10 or email

  Karen Hicks 31 March 2014 Photo courtesy of Elvis Santana: Stock.Xchng