International recognition for NZ road safety resource

A New Zealand safe driving resource, “Just Another Saturday Night”, has received national and international recognition for its impactful message about alcohol and driving.  Featuring Jared Thomas, the resource tells the story of four young men, who drank alcohol and took to the road; driving up to 180 km per hour around a bend with a speed advisory of  55 km per hour. The crash killed the driver and one of the passengers.  Jared – the front seat passenger – is now in a wheel chair, with little feeling from his chest down, while the third passenger lives with a brain injury. Jared now visits schools and events to promote road safety. He has received an award for his commitment to this work. The resource was developed by Senior Constable Iain Cheyne, from the New Zealand Police, and Linda Anderson, Regional Manager of Road Safe Hawkes Bay. To find out more about the resource, please click here.   Entered: 24 September 2013