Health Promoting Schools

Evidence shows that students have better outcomes when there is an effective partnerships between their school, parents, whānau and community.  The better the relationship and engagement, the more positive the impact on students’ learning. This information booklet outlines the good practice schools have undertaken to help school boards of trustees, principals and staff think about how they might apply the findings and ideas in their own schools. For a range of toolkits, plans and resources please visit the Health Promoting Schools website: – Health Promoting Schools Accreditation Manual This step-by-step guide, from Toi Te Ora Public Health Service, includes practical tools to implement Health Promoting Schools and achieve Health Promoting Schools Accreditation. The manual covers:
  • What is a Health Promoting School?
  • Why become a Health Promoting School?
  • Overview of the scheme
  • Getting started
  • Steps to accreditation

Healthy workplaces

A guide to promoting health and wellness in the workplace Produced by Regional Public Health, this practical resource was developed in 2012 to assist workplaces in implementing a health and wellness programme. It encourages them to provide a supportive environment and implement healthy policies that promote physical activity, healthy eating, a smoke-free environment and mental wellbeing. The resource provides useful tips on:
  • Getting started
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Developing policy, useful websites & further resources

Healthy cities

Promoting health and equity – evidence for local policy and practice. Summary evaluation of Phase V of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network This 2014 WHO publication concludes that the healthy cities movement adds value and allows local governments to invest in health and wellbeing and address inequities through novel approaches to developing health.  It identifies good progress among a variety of cities and networks. The paper summarises the Phase V (2009–2013) evaluation of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network. Rooted in enduring values such as equity, governance, partnership, participation and sustainability the it focuses on:
  • policy and governance,
  • healthy urban environments and design
  • caring and supportive environments
  • health and active living
  • national networks’ performance
  • effects on health and equity.