Get in quick for workshops

With registrations open for two health promotion workshops next month now is your chance to get in and boost your health promotion competency. The Māori Concepts of Health Promotion workshop will be held in Blenheim on June 1 and the Pasifika Health Promotion workshop in Auckland on June 15. The Māori Concepts workshop aims to introduce participants to shared understandings of traditional Māori concepts, ideologies and practices in relation to health and wellbeing. Additionally the workshop will consider how these ideas may be used to inform modern-day approaches to Māori health promotion planning, implementation and evaluation. Course facilitator and deputy director of the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand (HPF), Trevor Simpson says Maori identity is the key philosophy behind the workshop. “The course looks at world views and how those traditional world views can inform contemporary Māori practice,” says Mr Simpson. The workshop will be held at St John, Marlborough, 93 Seymour St, Blenheim from 9.30am to 3.30pm. The Pasifika Health Promotion workshop will focus on the social determinants of health from a Pacific perspective and will trace the history of Pacific health promotion in New Zealand and discuss how determinants of health can be addressed to produce health equity, wellbeing and success for Pacific peoples. It aims to equip Pasifika health promoters and community leaders with the knowledge and tools to address the social determinants of health and work with the strengths, potentials and aspirations of Pasifika families and communities to take control of their health and wellbeing. Course facilitator, Dr Viliami Puloka says although the course looked at how non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer impacted the wellbeing of the Pacific community the emphasis was not on sickness or disease but on the contributing factors. “The disease aspect will come in only as a result of what contributed to it,” says Dr Puloka who is HPF’s Senior Health Promotion Strategist specialising in Pacific Health Promotion. “Physical health is just a bit of what makes you healthy. We are looking at health as a resource of living rather than a destination you arrive at. In this workshop we are looking beyond biology and genetics to social, cultural and economic factors that prevent us from achieving optimum health and wellbeing. Many of these social factors are beyond the control of individuals and their families. Together we will explore ways to deal with these issues in our everyday living.” The workshop will be held at the MIT Pasifika Community Centre. To register or for more information contact Emma Frost at or 09 300 3734.