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Fonua Ola useful tool for family resilience

A webinar exploring how the Pacific model Fonua Ola can be adapted as a tool for building Pacific family strengths and resilience, to help address planetary health challenges, such as Covid-19 is now available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Presented by HPF’s Executive Director Sione Tu’itahi, ‘Fonua Ola and Covid-19: A health promotion way of building the capacity of Pacific Families’ reminds us of the central role of family in all aspects of life, and how Covid-19 has forced us back to this small but most important unit in society. “In Pacific communities in their homeland and overseas you see the family as still the centre and beginning of everything. The first circle of wellbeing, and the first circle of advocacy and strong agency of taking ownership of your future and the future you want to walk into,” Mr Tu’itahi points out. Mr Tu’itahi looks at why it is just as important to have, alongside Western models like the Ottawa Charter and the Bangkok Charter, Pasifika models such as Fonua Ola as a health model and a tool to assist Pasifika families through challenges such as Covid-19 and beyond. “Different cultural and ethnic groups view the world differently … their context especially at the regional and national level are different and therefore the experience, the challenges are slightly different and we need to capture the learning from that and inform our thinking and practice, and the way we do our work as we move on,” says Mr Tu’itahi. “Hence the Pasifika models that have evolved over the years.” A template that can be used as a Fonua Ola action plan is available at the end of the webinar. Fees for HPF’s webinars will be waived until the end of the month.