Exploring pathways into the future

What can we as health promoters do to help address the global challenges facing the world today?


How can we elevate our consciousness of health promotion to include the health of our common home – planet Earth?


These are some of the questions our panel of experts and participants will discuss at our next webishop –  ‘Global challenges and the future of health promotion: What are the implications for Aotearoa New Zealand?’ on August 25 from 11am.


The environmental crisis, the economic crisis, pandemics such as Covid-19 are three global challenges that impact on human wellbeing, and our understanding of health promotion.


Our panel will explore the implications of these challenges to our current understanding and application of health promotion in Aotearoa. We will also explore some pathways into the future.


Other questions to be discussed include: How can we broaden our understanding of health promotion to include Indigenous approaches to global environmental crises and what practical solutions can health promoters adopt as they work within institutions and engage with families and communities to address the environmental crises at a local level?

The webishop will feature Health Promotion Forum of NZ’s Executive Director, Sione Tu’itahi and Middlemore physician Dr Viliami Tutone. (See below) More panelists will be announced shortly on our Facebook page.

Don’t miss out on your chance to join in the discussions and have your say in this important kaupapa and register now HERE.

More about the speakers: 

Dr Viliami Tutone

Viliami is a renal physician at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, who applies health promotion approaches to his community development work in New Zealand, and his professional interest in planetary health. He is a member of the Global Working Group on Waiora Planetary Health and Human Wellbeing, of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE).


Sione Tu’itahi

Sione is the Executive Director of HPF and member of the Global Board of IUHPE. He is also the Co-Chair of the IUHPE Global Working Group on Waiora Planetary Health and Human Wellbeing