Health Promotion Competencies 2012

The Health Promotion Competencies 2012 provide a framework of values, knowledge and skills for health promotion practice in Aotearoa-New Zealand. This latest version follows extensive consultation and revision of the original 2000 version.

Health Promotion Competencies survey reveals benefits to users

Users of the Health Promotion Competencies say that their role is clearer after referring to the document. They speak of greater clarity in job descriptions and performance development and say it helps them plan, implement and evaluate their health promotion activities. These are just some of the findings of HPF’s survey in May 2013; examining how useful the document is and how its usefulness might be maximised. Read a summary of the findings here.

Health Promotion competencies: Cancer Society self assessment template and guidelines

The Cancer Society has worked with HPF to produce a personal development plan for health promoters. They may be helpful to inform personal development reviews or appraisals; identifying an individual’s competencies and providing ideas for further development.

Health promotion competencies: personal development review

Toi Te Ora in the Bay of Plenty DHB have given permission to HPF to share their personal development review blank template. This includes desired competencies for reference in a Health Promoter/Health Improvement Advisor’s personal development review. Please feel free to contact Sharon Muru at Toi Te Ora if you would like to discuss how this template might be applied in your work setting.

Developing a competent global health promotion workforce: pedagogy and practice – HPF occasional paper

Caroline Hall, Research Fellow at the University of Brighton in her July 2014 paper for HPF. “Fundamental to this process is accessing and harnessing opportunities to utilise inter-sectoral approaches and to build upon evidenced-based practices as a way of increasing capacity within the HP workforce. This should be combined with continued efforts to ensure the quality of these processes and practices, including increasing and recognising professional competence through recognised training and education pathways and which include ongoing workplace assessment.”

Health Promotion Competencies Questions & Answers

Who are these competencies for?

They are for health promoters and others who use health promotion to: - Improve health and health equity - Address the determinants of health - For Māori and all people to exercise control over their health and wellbeing

Why do we have these competencies?

They show the behaviours, skills, knowledge and attitude that health promoters need to do their job well.

How do the competencies fit in with the public health competencies?

These competencies build upon the public health competencies; they describe what a person working in a health promotion role should know and be able to do.

How can the competencies be used?

They can be used in a number of ways, such as: Helping to plan, deliver and evaluate health promotion, improve practice, develop training and education, help managers understand health promotion roles, identify training needs and help in understanding and valuing health promotion.

What do the competencies consist of?

The competencies are made up of knowledge required, 9 competency clusters, health promotion values & ethics and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The competencies show 3 levels of health promoter how do I know which level I am on?

The level will depend on experience and qualifications. The levels are provided as a guide. They are helpful to show which competencies you have a lot of knowledge and skills in while showing areas you may need further experience, support and/or training in.

There are pages and pages of knowledge and experience I need, how will I achieve all these?

The competencies show the range of knowledge and skills a health promoter needs to do their job well. There are many projects and pieces of work that cover a range of knowledge and skills that we undertake when working with the community. So consider the range of approaches and work that you undertake to show how you cover these competencies.

How are these competencies specific to Aotearoa New Zealand?

The competencies acknowledge the underlying aspirations of health promotion that can be seen in Te Tiriti o Waitangi which is a key document that provides a framework for Māori to exercise control over their health and wellbeing. The competencies acknowledge that Pacific people and other ethnic and cultural minorities’ perspectives and needs should be considered in every aspect of health promotion practice

For further support or to discuss the competencies please contact:

Emma Frost (Te Rarawa, Ngati Kuri) Contact Ph (09) 3003734


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HP Competencies

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The Health Promotion Competencies 2012 provide a framework of values, knowledge and skills for health promotion practice in Aotearoa-New Zealand. This...


Using the Competencies

October 25, 2012

A survey conducted in May 2013 looked at how these competencies are being implemented in the field.


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