Video, What is HP
Health Promotion Forum is proud to announce the launch of two short information videos to inform health promotion practice. The first – What is health promotion? – provides an Aotearoa New Zealand perspective on health promotion; its scope, potential and the focus of its work.   The second – Health promotion competencies – explain the scope and potential uses for the competencies. HPF’s Senior Health Promotion Strategist Karen Hicks was the mastermind behind the creation of these videos.  “This could be the start of greater understanding of the crucial work done by health promoters in Aotearoa New Zealand,” she said.  The purpose behind the videos was to make it easier for health promoters around the country to understand the scope and potential of their role – as well as to have a way of explaining it to other.   “I encourage all my wonderful colleagues out there to share these videos with their friends, family, colleagues and managers,” said Karen. – See more at: