Boost your approach to Pacific health

A webinar to help you be more effective in your work with Pacific communities, especially during Covid-19, will be hosted by HPF on Friday, September 18 from 11.30 – 12.30pm. Join HPF’s Executive Director Sione Tu’itahi and Dr Viliami Puloka in this interactive webinar to look at and discuss how you can improve your approach to Pacific health, using a range of Pacific health promotion tools. “With Covid-19 forcing a rethink in the approach to Pacific health and health promotion, the webinar will help you to add a number of tools, such as Pacific health models, in your Pasifika basket of knowledge,” says Mr Tu’itahi. “As we know, some of these tools, skills and knowledge are unique to Pacific world views, values and beliefs. So, what are some of the things we need to know from the outset that will leverage our work and improve Pacific health outcomes?” Participants in the webinar will be provided with a pdf copy of the presentation, along with the link to the video recording, which will provide exclusive access, to the webinar on HPF’s YouTube channel. The video can be used as a learning tool within your organisations for a limited time. (And don’t forget to subscribe!) Secure your spot and register now. About the Facilitators: Sione Tu’itahi Educator, author and health promoter, Sione is the Executive Director of the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand, and the Global Vice-President (Communications) of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). His leadership was instrumental in bringing the IUHPE World Conference 2019 to Rotorua, Aotearoa New Zealand for the first time. He was named Public Health Association NZ, Public Health Champion for 2019.

Dr Viliami Puloka Viliami is HPF’s Senior Health Promotion Strategist specialising in Pacific Health Promotion. A Public health physician with a special interest in diabetes and obesity, Viliami brings with him a wealth of Pacific experience; combining his clinical skills and his Public health knowledge. He has gained a broad social and cultural appreciation from working with the diverse and unique islands of the Pacific. He has a strong multi-sectoral experience and programmatic approach in capacity building, project management and community development. He is also a Research Fellow at the School of Public Health, Otago University.