HPF has joined a growing number of individuals in showing support for government action to protect children from exposure to unhealthy food and drink marketing.

The Protect Kids from Junk Food Marketing group is asking the Government to listen to the evidence and create a healthier future for tamariki in Aotearoa. They can do this by making a new law to protect children from unhealthy food and drink marketing.

The group points out that children in Aotearoa New Zealand “face excessive levels of unhealthy food and drink marketing every day. The unhealthy food and drink industry use marketing techniques to influence children’s eating behaviours. This shapes what children want and creates pressure on parents to purchase these products.

“We must put our children before food industry profits and act now to protect their health and wellbeing.

“We want to put parents back in control. By restricting the influence of the junk food marketing industry, we can create the best environments for tamariki to grow up in. Children free from the influence of marketing can make healthier choices and form healthy habits.”

For more info and to sign up click HERE.