Join us for a webishop on June 17 to examine how Māori should focus on their wellbeing first, while they can also contribute to the wellbeing of humanity, because they are citizens of an interdependent, globalised world.

The webishop will also explore and discuss the impact of planetary health on Māori, and what indigenous and local knowledge and practices that Māori health promoters and other health workers can apply to resolve these challenges at the local and global levels.

Speakers are Indigenous Economic Consultant, Huti Watson and HPF’s Executive Director, Sione Tu’itahi.

Huti believes that Māori principles, values and epistemologies are as relevant and important today for Māori as they were in pre-colonial times.

“During six years in a modern take of a traditional learning environment that is known as ‘Te Whare Wananga’, and through immersion in our creation stories using language, songs and dance I learnt about our traditional Māori belief systems and identity, and how they continue to shape and govern who we are as Māori today,” says Huti.

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HPF webishops have three phases of learning activities:

  • Pre-event study and preparation, using resources sent three days prior
  • Participation in the actual webinar with questions and answers as well as discussion
  • After the webishop, participants receive a copy of the powerpoint presentation and other resources used, as well as exclusive and private viewing of the webinar for two weeks on our YouTube channel, before the video is made public. And, ask follow-up questions to the presenter and/or facilitator during the two weeks after the webishop