Today on World Health Day we urge you to accept the invite from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to join a year-long new global campaign to eliminate health inequities, and build a fairer, healthier world.

The theme ‘Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone’ was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic which according to the WHO has pushed more people into poverty and food insecurity and amplified gender, social and health inequities.

“Covid-19 has hit all countries hard, but its impact has been harshest on those communities which were already vulnerable, who are more exposed to the disease, less likely to have access to quality health care services and more likely to experience adverse consequences as a result of measures implemented to contain the pandemic,” says the WHO.

All over the world, WHO points out, some groups struggle to make ends meet with little daily income, have poorer housing conditions and education, fewer employment opportunities, experience greater gender inequality, and have little or no access to safe environments, clean water and air, food security and health services. This leads to unnecessary suffering, avoidable illness, and premature death. And it harms our societies and economies.

That is why we are calling on leaders to ensure that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health.  At the same time, we urge leaders to monitor health inequities, and to ensure that all people are able to access quality health services when and where they need them.”

HPF’s Executive Director Sione Tu’itahi says “We are virtually safe in our country because we have all being working hard together, and are kind to one another. But we are part of our global family, and our common home, planet Earth, is broken.

“So, as we collaborate with the rest of the world to stamp out Covid-19, essentially a zoonotic challenge and a planetary issue, due to our broken planet, we must adopt a higher consciousness of our inherent interdependence as humanity. We must embrace a new paradigm of being more collaborative, caring and kind to each other and to the planet because we are all citizens of our only planet. Nothing short of this much-needed global responsibility at the individual and collective levels can stem the accelerating challenges of this planetary health and socio-economic crisis.”

The WHO is promoting four critical actions that it wants to see from governments and other groups involved in global health leadership: work together; Collect reliable date; tackle inequities and act beyond borders.

Read more about these actions.