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Whānau Ora

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Download a version of the Whānau Ora tool here.


Training for the Whānau Ora tool

Working with the Whānau Ora tool will help participants maximise the use of this tool.  Whānau Ora is a practical guide to developing health programmes where Whānau, Hapu, Iwi and Māori communities play a leading role in achieving Whānau Ora.

Māori indigeneity, Whanāu Ora and the determinants of health explores the link between indigenous notions of wellbeing and health, the wider determinants of health and elements of Whānau Ora.



Whānau Ora: will it work?

A world perspective of Whānau Ora asks the question: will it work?  The paper, published in 2011 in The Lancet by Johns Hopkins University student Ted Alcorn, puts both sides of the debate.

Whānau Ora is a programme unique to Aotearoa  New Zealand.  It takes a new approach to health promotion for Māori; putting communities in the driving seat.