Week shines spotlight on public health

Today marks the start of Global Public Health Week (GPHW), which runs until April 8, 2022.

GPHW brings together institutions, communities, and public health actors from around Aotearoa, New Zealand and the world to recognize the contributions of public health and its workforce. This annual event engenders discussion on the best practices and missing gaps fundamental to disease prevention and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

‘The Covid-19 pandemic has made the public health field more apparent and appreciated. However, the risk of regression post-pandemic is high. We cannot lose this momentum; we need to act now to prevent the next pandemic. Making public health visible and understood is a key step for emergency preparedness. Facilitating sharing of the knowledge, resources and barriers faced by public health professionals globally is key to improving public health in all contexts,’ states the World Federation of Public Health Associations.

The Public Health Association of New Zealand CEO Grant Berghan said Global Public Health week was an opportunity to stop, reflect and reset according to the public health challenges and opportunities that were in front of us.

The theme for the week is “Public Health Matters: Building the New Future”.

In addition to the main theme, each day will focus on a specific theme:

Test your public health knowledge (and knowledge of #Māorihealth with a daily quiz on the theme HERE