Professional Development
We offer a range of training to enhance your knowledge of health promotion.
Take a look at what you can get involved in below. 
We encourage you to join the field of health promotion. Together we can all make a difference. 
Because everyone has the right to health.
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Throughout the year we offer a series of online educational workshops – webishops! 
They are punchy snapshot conversations about emerging issues in the health promotion world.
The added bonus – you get to talk directly with world-renowned international experts, and a few home- town legends too.

The theme for the webishops series 2021 is:
“Planetary Health – the health of human civilisation and the crisis state of the natural systems on which it depends”
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We have 3 different streams to cater for our multicultural society and their specific needs.
Within each stream, there are different subject themes. Here is a quick look at our webishops
This year the Maori health promotion webishops will look at community approaches to health issues from different rohe (area’s) around Aotearoa. We will highlight different health providers all over Aotearoa NZ, and learn about the magical things happening with their organisations
Themes will include:
  • How to become a Treaty- based organisation
  • Maori models and frameworks – how to create our own in our mahi
  • Cultural competency – how to get it right
  • Innovative strategies looking to the future
  • Home- Town Heroes – profiling health organisations around Aotearoa

Facilitator: Mereana Te Pere
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This will be a year of reflection on health issues affecting Pacific nations. Living in Aotearoa but being away from the motherland presents its own set of challenges. With the growing population of Pacific families in Aotearoa, the health sector must be alert to the needs of our Polynesian cousins. 
Themes will include:
  • Health epidemics silently killing our people – what must we do?
  • Environmental crisis happening in the pacific, and how we can help from Aotearoa NZ
  • Pacific values and beliefs – how this knowledge can help me be a better practitioner
  • How Pacific people can better navigate the health system
Facilitator: Viliami Puloka
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This year we are placing a spotlight on the environmental issues we face as a global village.
The strain that humans have placed on the earth’s natural resources is no longer
sustainable. We head into a future of limited options for prosperous health and longevity unless we act now. There is no health without a healthy planet.
Themes will include:
  • How to create sustainable communities
  • Community development – how to tackle and overcome tough challenges as a society
  • Pandemic management and the repercussions for society
  • Making great changes through policy and governance. How can it be done?

Facilitator: Sione Tu’itahi
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Treaty Understanding of Hauora in Aotearoa New Zealand
TUHANZ is a framework to assist health promoters to apply Te Tiriti o Waitangi- based thinking and planning to their health promotion practice. The workshop is a practical, hands-on course, which explains how the articles of the Treaty can be applied to health promotion planning. Participants will be expected to determine and define Treaty- based health promotion activities in line with their health promotion contracts and responsibilities.
By the end of the course participants will:
  • have a clear understanding of Treaty articles and how they apply to health promotion
  • have a workable understanding of TUHANZ as a framework from which to plan
  • Treaty-based health promotion practice understands how to determine and define Treaty-based health promotion activities in line with their health promotion contracts and responsibilities.
  • Participants are advised that the workshop will be reasonably demanding and fast-paced, so come prepared to work!
Essential items to bring:
  • Device for research
  • A good sense of humour with jokes that are funny
  • A willingness to share your experiences
  • Length: 2 full days
  • When: please refer to our calendar for the schedule
  • Cost:
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