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Take the White Ribbon Pledge

trevor-simpson-white-ribbon-amb-cropped   HPF Deputy Executive Director and White Ribbon Ambassador Trevor Simpson joined the call this month to New Zealanders to take the White Ribbon Pledge.  In the Pledge men agree never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women. “Show your respect for women;” he said.  “Speak out against any form of violence towards them; physical, emotional, verbal or sexual.”

The recent Roast Busters story has caused a public outcry over the issue of sexual violence by men against women and girls in this country.  White Ribbon chairman Judge Peter Boshier lamented the misogyny that he says permeates Aotearoa New Zealand.  “These attitudes are epidemic in our country,” he said. The White Ribbon Campaign pledge seeks to engage support from the broader New Zealand community in addressing this serious issue.

Trevor is proud to be entering his third year as White Ribbon Ambassador.  At the time of his appointment, in November 2011, he said “I believe that White Ribbon ambassadors and men who get involved symbolise ‘nurturing warriors’ who together spread peaceful and powerful messages within their communities. They show other men how to be protectors and providers for their families, and above all how to do it in a non-violent manner”. Take the Pledge.   Item published: 11 November 2013 Jo Lawrence-King