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Study shows exercise as good as drugs in most cases

running-shoes   A recent study shows that exercise is at least as good as most medications at preventing death from heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.   The authors lamented the lack of research into the health benefits of exercise and lifestyle.  They pointed out that, over time, government health recommendations have become skewed in favour of medicines over lifestyle choices.   The study suggested that one implication of the results might be that more health professionals prescribe an ‘exercise’ pill for their patients as an alternative to – or in addition to – medications.  In New Zealand doctors can issue a ‘green prescription‘ for those patients they think would benefit.   The metaepidemiological analysis was published in the highly regarded British Medical Journal (BMJ) on 1 October.  It examined  16 meta-analyses, including 305 randomised controlled trials with 339 274 participants Click here to read the study.   Article created: 3 October 2013