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Ministry of Social Development

Children and Young People: Indicators of Wellbeing in New Zealand 2008
This the second indicator report published by MSD highlighting indicators of social well-being of children and young people, how these have changed and the status of health for different child and youth groups in the current population. MSD has utilized the findings from this report to advise the UNCROC report to be submitted to the United Nations. Summary of findings Full Report  
Raising Children in New Zealand: The Influence of Parental Income on Children’s Outcomes
This report examines the impact parental income has on many child outcomes including health and well-being. By focusing on the correlation between net family income and child outcomes this report contributes in advising public policy on income support. Influence of Parental Income  
The Social Report 2010: Indicators of Social Well-being in New Zealand
This site provides in-depth information on the social health and well-being status of New Zealand society, through the use of indicators to monitor trends over time and to make global comparisons. The site also contains the full 2008 Social report and areas dedicated to the different indicators. The Social Report 2010