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Make inequality relevant to the broader public – article in The Press

manual-labourer-for-minimum-wage-story   An article published in Christchurch’s The Press newspaper proposes the way we engage the broader public in the inequality debate is to make the issue relevant to them. “The answer is to persuade people that they are affected,” says the article’s author Philip Matthews.  He suggests that the living wage debate is a good start to addressing the issue. Matthews argues inequality is “not just immoral but has a social cost.”  Closing the gap doesn’t have to be a Left versus Right issue, he says. The living wage seems to be capturing the imagination of the public more than the broader and less tangible subject of inequality.  Matthews theorises that, like child poverty, the living wage is a more easily grasped concept and therefore may be more easy to address. Read the full article here.     Article published: 30 October 2013