HPF on hand to support you

To our HPF members, other partners, and our health promotion workforce and community at the national and international level In this fast-changing environment of Covid-19, and with the nation now lifted to alert level 3 and alert level 4 in 48 hours, prioritising serving you and your organisation as a valuable HPF member, and other co-workers in the country and abroad,  is the reason for this message. While our HPF operations team started working from home last Thursday, we are still able to support members with our online courses, and one-one advice, if needed. We are as close as your email, mobile phone and social media tools. Our online course in health promotion are here: We are now converting our face-face workshops into online webinars, to be available in the near future. We want to ensure that our health promotion workforce and sector continue to be fit for purpose in this fast-changing environment. Please let us know how else we can support you. We are all in this together. Our collective, consistent and calm leadership, our empowering and purposeful communication to our sector, and greater community, can contribute to our ability as a nation and a world community to weather this Covid-19 challenge, and come out as better and wiser partners within a more meaningfully connected, healthier, prosperous and peaceful society. In the meantime, be kind, be alert, but not alarmed. Let’s all be united against Covid-19. Stay socially connected, but keep your healthy, physical distance, and be active physically, mentally and spiritually.

For advice and the latest updates go to the Ministry of Health website and

Board and staff of HPF.