The Health Promoters Society of Aotearoa New Zealand was established this year, with certification as a registered Society completed on 30 July 2014. A board is to be elected, which will run the Society, with secretariat services being offered by the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand – Runanga Whakapiki Ake i te Hauora o Aotearoa until the Society is fully set up. With the aim of advocating on behalf of its members in advancement of the profession, the Society will be self-determined and independent of any other body. HPF Deputy Executive Director Trevor Simpson took the lead in the creation of a Society for the past four years.  He is confident that the robust discussion around its establishment will result in a thoughtfully planned, “nimble, stand-on-its-own-two-feet organisation”. The Society’s constitution was agreed at a meeting of health promotion supporters in June 2014.  It will be an independent organisation with paid membership open to anyone who observes the ethos of health promotion. Providing an overview of the history of the Society’s formation at that meeting, Trevor referred to the country’s heritage of leadership in change and human rights.  “New Zealanders have shown over and over that we are leaders in standing up for what we think we should have,” he said; citing Te Whiti (Parihaka), Kate Sheppard (votes for women) and David Lange (nuclear-free NZ) as just some examples. The concept of a professional organisation in Aotearoa was first mooted 18 years ago, with an identified need for advocacy on behalf of the workforce.  Over this time the structure and remit have undergone close scrutiny.             Jo Lawrence-King 24 November 2014