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Fonua: A Pasifika Model for Health Promotion

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Sione Tu‘itahi
Workforce Development and Communications Manager Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand
and Acting Director Pasifika, Massey University




Main Points of Presentation

– Health Promotion
– Health Promotion model
– Pasifika health models
– Fonua: a Pasifika model
– Applying ‘Fonua’ to health promotion
– Questions and comments
– Activity



What is health promotion?

– The process of enabling people to have greater control of their life and wellbeing… (Ottawa Charter, 1986)
– Health Promotion (HP) is a specialised area in public health. It also an approach.
– HP focuses on groups and populations (public health) rather than the health of the individual (personal health)
– Personal health refers to treating the individual. E.g. treatment of a cancer patient
– Public health refers to addressing the health of a group. E. g. having schools and churches smoke-free
– Personal health and public health are complementary