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Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand Runanga Whakapiki Ake i te Hauora o Aotearoa
Video, What is HP

Health Promotion Forum is proud to announce the launch of two short information videos to inform health promotion practice.

The first – What is health promotion? – provides an Aotearoa New Zealand perspective on health promotion; its scope, potential and the focus of its work.   The second – Health promotion competencies – explain the scope and potential uses for the competencies.

HPF’s Senior Health Promotion Strategist Karen Hicks was the mastermind behind the creation of these videos.  “This could be the start of greater understanding of the crucial work done by health promoters in Aotearoa New Zealand,” she said.  The purpose behind the videos was to make it easier for health promoters around the country to understand the scope and potential of their role – as well as to have a way of explaining it to other.   “I encourage all my wonderful colleagues out there to share these videos with their friends, family, colleagues and managers,” said Karen.

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Global, Video, What is HP

Two videos from the Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand (HPF) are receiving widespread praise – and calls for more – across the population health community in Aotearoa and the world.


Viewed by more than 750 people to date, What is Health Promotion? answers the vexed question for many about this much-misunderstood discipline, while Health Promotion Competencies introduces health promoters to a useful resource for developing their role.

Renowned Professor and author John Raeburn commented “Really good.  Very succinct and to the point,” and, on a poignant note, he added;  “Ah, if only we could achieve that!”

WHO’s Professor Margaret Barry – Head of World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion commented: “There are very nicely produced short videos, which provide a useful snapshot of what Health Promotion practice is about and the skills and competencies that health promoters apply. They will be of interest to all those studying and working in Health Promotion and related areas globally.”

University lecturers up and down Aotearoa, and from as far afield as Scotland, say they have added the videos to their teaching resources. 

HPF hopes to produce more videos in the future.  Keep up to date on our videos by liking us on facebook or by e-mailing Barb to subscribe to our biannual newsletter Hauora.



19 March 2015

Jo Lawrence-King