Case Studies, Community, Family and child
Plunket’s Asian strategy is expected to be implemented in July 2015.  The strategy addresses all  levels of the organisation, including the staff, volunteer groups and Plunket Line;  aiming to increase customers’ access to-, use of-, and satisfaction with Plunket’s services. Plunket is developing culturally appropriate professional services, and encouraging ongoing feedback from service users about their work.  They will set and update yearly goals; ensuring the inclusion of the Asian service-user’s voice in their business planning and strategies. The new strategy follows extensive research commissioned by Plunket  in 2013.  Conducted among their service users, staff and stakeholders; the research  investigated Asian mothers’ experience of access to health care. It included interviews, consultations and focus groups held with Chinese, Korean and Burmese mothers as well as members of The Asian Network Incorporated (TANI), and Plunket’s internal staff.   The results indicated that Asian mothers were not proactively seeking help, despite the superficial appearance that access to the services was good. At the time only 4% of the Plunket staff were of Asian ethnicity, while 15% of babies among the service users were of Asian descent.  Mothers spoke of access barriers to service, including language barriers and lack of understanding of available services. It found that Asian mothers mainly accessed Plunket information via the internet and from their GP and concluded that it was important to provide more information about the culturally appropriate services available from Plunket. For more information, please contact Vivian Cheung on 021 246 3398