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uk-health-inequality-story-image   Papers published this month in England, Wales and Scotland further support the case for a reduction in health inequalities. An article published in the UK’s Independent newspaper has highlighted the life expectancy gap between rich and poor in England and Wales.  Referencing newly released statistics from the country’s Office for National statistics, the authors conclude that the gap in life expectance is directly linked to economic inequality. Another paper, issued this month by NHS Health Scotland has drawn similar conclusions.  The authors of What would it take to eradicate health inequalities? call for measures to tackle the underlying inequalities in wealth, income and power, saying it is likely the only way health inequality can sustainably be achieved.  The authors make a well-researched argument to support the link between life expectancy and these socioeconomic factors.  They argue that measures to approach the more directly identified causes of morbidity and mortality (such as tobacco and alcohol) will ultimately fail to bridge the gap. Story published: 29 October 2013